Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Purple fingers.

Fay picked blackberries today, a gallon in an hour. He came home purple fingered and talking about pies, cobblers, sauce and jam.

Now, aggravating as it is, the purple fingers pic won't stay rotated when I upload it. But I'm not leaving it out, it's too cute.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Feathered Fascinators or just feather brained

It's not a bit funny, I've had computers for over 20 years and have wrestled (metaphorically at least) several software programs into obedience. I needed a program to modify file sizes for pics so I could list the feathered hair ornaments that are my/our/Meg and I's current creative outlet. For three afternoons in a row I've sat here, trying to reduce file sizes and have them export to the same folder each time. I've never thought I was stupid, but watching folders slither about and rearrange themselves to suit some one else's logic--just as well Fay is hard of hearing.
But the hair ornaments are beautiful! I need to get them out so someone will love them and buy. So, guess what I'm doing tomorrow after noon?

Saturday, August 1, 2009

You think I can't raise good potatoes?

You think I can't raise good potatoes? That's the question I got asked this morning as Fay laid this big guy on the kitchen counter.

The vines are dying and this is one hill. The variety is Caribe, they taste good and keep well.

Fay came in carrying this wounded potato, plus the bucketful, all out of one hill. My boy's a farmer all right.