Monday, May 31, 2010

Just never know about chickens.

I don't keep track of who lays when, but among the six survivors of our first Rhode Island Reds is the lady who lays the lumpy eggs. Always has and is just as faithful as the rest. Fay's never seen one like this either, not in all the years he's farmed and had chickens.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Hillbilly Lawn mowers.

Hillbilly lawnmowers: how we mow our lawn and also occasionally our neighbor's place. Which is where I caught these pics.

That's my Granny!

Motorcycle Grandmama

Edna Ellsworth, 97, realized a longtime dream Wednesday. “I’ve lived in Dufur all this time, since 1979, and to think I was able to ride into Dufur on a Harley!” When Ellsworth noted that she had wanted to ride on a Harley motorcycle all her life, Ken Catlin, Flagstone Senior Living’s dietary director, took note. “You can ride with me anytime, you’re great,” he said, after they rode together to lunch Wednesday in Dufur, where We 3 Coffee & Deli provided a spread for Ellsworth and her friends from Flagstone. Ellsworth was born Oct. 11, 1912.
Mark B. Gibson photo

Friday, May 14, 2010

Mean while, back on the farm.

Remember Cats and Compression Starts? Well, way back then, the reason the Cat got used again was the death by cannibalization our Massey 35 performed on itself. The diagnosis after three hours of tear down by the mechanic was two blown cylinders and accompanying damage. I hope I never hear an engine knock and smoke like that again. Not to mention what looked like oily mayo dripping out the tail pipe.

This leaves one more field left to dig and seed before it's too late. The field out Seven Mile is dryland, what ever grows has to make it on the rain. Which is how we ended up spending many days, a part of a day at a time conditioning our Fjords and putting the last six acres into barley hay. This took most of April and on into the first week of May. It takes about two weeks to bring a team from winter fat to able to work all day. They would've been fine, but it kept raining and the dirt ending up too wet to work.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

First weekend in May, ODHBA Plowing Competition. Pt 3

On Sunday after the plowing contest, everyone hitches up their horses and smooths the ground for planting. Discs, drags, harrows, just an assortment of old iron tools to create a soft seed bed. 
Fay and the team.Didn't get the man's name driving this set up.
The biggest rig on the field, four abreast pulling a forecart and four sections of spike tooth harrow (drag). Three of the horses were Percherons, the fourth with his side to the camera is a Fjord/Percheron cross. 

First weekend in May, ODHBA Plowing Competition. Pt 2

I got all of one picture of the actual plowing.

We were busy driving up and down the road watching the plowing and answering questions about our team. 
 If I had a dollar for every time I told some one, these are draft Fjords, we could've paid our gas bill for the trip. I was so hoarse by the end of the day. 
 After the plowing we watched every one parade back, including Lisa and her big team.
After the plowing, every one spent time relaxing and enjoying some down time before we barbecued and pot lucked our supper. 

First weekend in May, ODHBA Plowing Competition. Pt 1

First weekend in May for the last three years we've gone to the ODHBA Plowing contest at Champoeg Park. We don't have a plow, but we do have a team and we have more fun visiting with people and talking about horses. 
 There was Quigley the camp clown, she could roll over,play dead, sit, and so many more tricks, she loved to do them. Besides being an awesome frisby chaser. 

Going out to plowing. Draft animals on parade.

And here comes one of the plowing judges, with a broken foot, he needed the transportation provided by Wayne and his mule.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Got to see my horses

Feather trying to tell Ada to lead them around.
Most school day afternoons, Kai goes home with Grandma Ada. April 21st, Kai just had to see her horses and her Grandpa and Grandma Horsey. I can't resist another horse fool so I got Feather, our draft Fjord, out and led she and Kai around the door yard. Wears me out walking in circles, wears Kai out, 'cause the mare is so broad backed. But a good time is had by all.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Small Farmer's Journal Auction, assembling carriages

Some friends of our deal in carriages, well, there was quite the miscommunication. There were 14 carriages to assemble. Fay spent that day helping them put wheels, etc on.

Small Farmer's Journal Auction, Plowing Contest

Small Farmer's Journal Auction, more stuff

Big, little, old, new, can't think why any one would bring that, all the adjectives apply.