Friday, May 14, 2010

Mean while, back on the farm.

Remember Cats and Compression Starts? Well, way back then, the reason the Cat got used again was the death by cannibalization our Massey 35 performed on itself. The diagnosis after three hours of tear down by the mechanic was two blown cylinders and accompanying damage. I hope I never hear an engine knock and smoke like that again. Not to mention what looked like oily mayo dripping out the tail pipe.

This leaves one more field left to dig and seed before it's too late. The field out Seven Mile is dryland, what ever grows has to make it on the rain. Which is how we ended up spending many days, a part of a day at a time conditioning our Fjords and putting the last six acres into barley hay. This took most of April and on into the first week of May. It takes about two weeks to bring a team from winter fat to able to work all day. They would've been fine, but it kept raining and the dirt ending up too wet to work.


  1. Great film! I never knew little Fjords could pull a disc harrow that fast! They and Fay look great!

  2. Seldon, we were cold and miserable in the wind but not about to give up.

    The Fjords walk right out, he did rest them after each circuit of the field.