Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fay's First Driving Show

Chafin Farm's hosted a driving show for the Willamette Valley Miniature Horse Club. But big horses could come and play too. We have so many friends down there in Sweet Home, it just had to go on the calendar. Neither Fay, nor the Fjords had ever done any kind of show at all. Fortunately they were all patient between our times in the arena competing. 

Discussing width of wheel base with the other two big horse competitors.
Eyeballing the competition, Fjords to Belgians to Fjord/Quarterhorse crosses.

Then there's the little guys, we weren't in their class.

Potluck lunch, talking breeds of draft horses.
Then back out to wait for our next turn in the arena and talking to Phred about setting lines and all the other details of harnessing and hitching.
Horses are so patient with our foolishness in pursuit of ribbons.

Way too many ribbons:

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Freitag's Corn Field Camp out 2010

Friends, food, time spent driving in the fields and on the road. One of our best weekends every summer. 


Amanda took these videos of us hitching the horses. Never got to watch the process before.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Dufur Threshing Bee 2010

All dressed up and ready to go, not to mention the man sitting there waiting for the photo op to be over.

Waiting for the parade to start.

Parade over we get to the good part, visiting with Barb Tobey and eating our lunch sitting between the Fjords. Which was fine, we were all in the shade, getting to watch the horse drawn traffic go by. Although you can see Feather eyeballing my sandwich from above.

Lisa Hubbe's Brabant Belgians, hitched to a people hauler. It was their first big party and you can see how calm they are.

Just having fun with the Fjords while loading.

Fort Dalles Parade 2010

 Fort Dalles Parade in July tends to be family and friends. Linda Ellett and her girls decorating the wagon and horses.

 Amanda, Fay, Kai and I.

 Duane and Liz McGlothlin, East Wind Percherons.

 Morgan and a buddy and Linda as clowns.

The wagon is okay, but Kai just can't stay too far from Immie. 
Our hitch hikers, MCMC had people passing out brochures and this lady's boy got tired out. They were welcome, the wagon has plenty of room.
 So proud of Amos, taking pictures of the parade for Linda, he's not much for cameras. 

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

One of the joys of my summers

One of the joys of my summers has been my daughter and grand daughter coming to visit. Those two weeks are wonderful. Every year, Deonna Mae wants to ride.
 This year she started out behind me as always and Immie said nicely that we were too much now.
 So Miss Mae got riding by her own self lessons. From this little bitty round pen to the big arena at the saddle club and then on her last ride: all the way home.