Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Meanwhile, back on the farm.

 We'd been thinking about another family milk cow. Although Fay loves the Jersey breed, their milk, their colors, and cream. We just can't keep up with even a low producing cow. So I'd been doing some research and located a nice 6 month old Dexter heifer named Penelope up in Kent, WA. Shelley at Whistling Train Farm has a small unregistered herd of beautiful black cows.
 You haven't lived until you're a country mouse driving through Seattle, WA suburb rush hour traffic with a bellowing heifer in the back of the truck.

But we survived and here's Penelope at her new home.


  1. My hubby drove thru the city with two full pens of rabbits. Oh was the fur flying!!

    Thanks for sharing.

    Have a wonderful day.