Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Unexpected guests.

About 0630 this morning two Blue Heeler dogs were at our gate sniffing and messing around. Our Blue was in the house and Fay sent me out to catch them if I could. He remembers Russ' dog Bailey being lost on I84.

Nice dogs, I bent over play bowing and calling--here the young male came and his quieter darker female with him. They just wanted to be petted and followed me right in the gate. I set them up a guest room in the big horse trailer, food, water, two raw beef bones. Then I called and left a message for our local animal control officer. Such a good guy, he came and got them right after he got to work this morning. They jumped right into his truck! I hope he can convince the people this dogs belong to that spay/neuter and licensing are good things.


  1. They look friendly. What cute dogs. Hope they find the owner.

  2. Gonna cost $100 to get them back. Could cost as high as $350 per dog if the folks give Brad any grief. They were nice dogs.