Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Getting Ready for Summer

Two weeks ago Monday, Fay had me call back to Miller Tire Co. Finding tires for farm equipment isn't always possible locally, especially for the McCormick-Deering horse mower. We guess it was built 60 to 70 years ago. But in the Midwest there's enough Amish farmers to keep little parts businesses going. Mullet Machinery is another one that has made it possible to keep the old machine in good running condition. You can see that the old tire is not looking too good even on the rim.   
That split on the inside though, the old tire is done. Fay had no trouble getting the nuts off and the rim unbolted.
Then he rolled the rim and old tire out to the truck, I'd already loaded the new tire and tube.
After an hour and a half and two guys working on the change over at Les Schwab's, the rim was brushed free of rust and the new tire on. At least it wasn't like getting the leak in the hay wagon tire fixed. That took four guys to work on that antique. 
Fay installed the rim and new tire and the mower is ready to roll and mow.