Thursday, January 28, 2010

Haven't done much this week.

We haven't done much for the last two weeks. I worked four twelves in a row and then caught the crud. Chills, a snot nose, the usual crud. He's just been doing chores waiting to be sure that his sciatic nerve is truly healed. No extra lifting or shoveling. 

Today's the first day I've felt better than a wrung out dishrag. He's got the crud today....but, he always gets over things like this sooner than I do. He's a tough old bird. 

But, all the garden seeds have come and we're already talking what goes where. There's hope for spring.


  1. Hope you get a little break and that you get all healed up! Being sick is such the pits. Can't wait to see your "new" dining room!

  2. Don't over-do! Get lots of rest if you can and dream of spring and gardens!