Saturday, January 16, 2010

I was making conversation.

I was making conversation. 
In December, the story starts with a friend of mine. Pam had something wrong with her foot that turned out to be gout. Her old mare, Dancer, managed to step on a nail. So, two lame creatures and the little one has to give 40ml of penicillin to the big one. When Pam asked my husband and I to help with the ten days of shots, of course we went to help. Towards the end of the ten days, Pam's brother called to say that her inheritance from their Uncle Virgil was on its way from Alaska. There was going to be a lot of furniture, Pam asked if we needed any beds or dressers. Fay and I don't lack for furniture, that's what happens when you marry and put together two households. I passed it off saying we didn't help her to get something and really, the only thing that could do with replacing was the dining room set. 

God has the most marvelous sense of humor. There was a blond oak dining set in the load of furniture! 

There goes the old set. Amos is tying on farmer style with 

baling twine.

Here's the new set in the pieces it arrived in:

Next we set it up:

And now, with my birthday present on it:

God is so good, I never thought about actually there being table and chairs or that it would have anything to do with me. I just was making conversation. 


  1. So cool! Love the new look. It helps brighten it up in there! God is good!

  2. I like your new furniture. I really want to come over to see your horses and I just really want to see you guys. I really want you to come over to my house and I really want to come over to your house, too. I hope you have a good year.


    Love the new furniture! Very awesome. What a blessing.


  3. Dear Josiah, we'll work out a time to visit.

    Love you too!

    Grandpa Fay and Grandma Regina

    Isn't God good to me??? I'm working on white curtains to keep brightening it up.