Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Kubota goes to work

I worked a call in the day before yesterday. We'd had snow, so I took the truck, feeling better safe than sorry, but most of the roads were wet and bare. By 2:00pm, it'd snowed 5' to 6' inches and when I got home I couldn't open the gate.

Husband and canine cheering section to the rescue! The Kubota that was our Christmas present to ourselves came with a six and a half foot blade. That wet, sticky snow just rolled away, opening up the gate for me to come in.

 After he got the gate cleared, we needed to haul hay to the horses. My husband's middle son, is a bit of a tinkerer, he'd come down and built out of junk lumber a bucket extension so we can carry hay bales.

Not going to get any nicer than that. Fay goes out the front gate and around by road, a trip of about five blocks. I go on foot across the lots and get there ahead of him. 

 Our Fjord mare heard the tractor coming.