Thursday, April 29, 2010

Cats and compression starts

One of the alfalfa fields Fay hays on was due to be dug up and replanted. It's too steep to use horses or wheeled tractors to plow. Which is where the D2Cat comes in. Vance provided the it and being an antique, the pull start gas engine that starts the diesel engine is not running. I'd never heard of a compression start. Turns out, I just didn't know it by that name. Not that calling it a pop start is exactly accurate. The Cat is pulled by the truck, fed a snort of 'smelling salts(starter fluid)', the clutch let in--and VROOM. A started Cat, a plowed field, for that field, Amos and Russ, Fay's son's ran the Cat and Russ' big tractor to do the plowing.

Afterwards, when another field needed to be plowed. Fay ran the Cat.

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