Saturday, April 10, 2010

How picture taking and fact collecting should be done.

Once again we were out in the field on Seven Mile and a photographer came along. He stopped, took our pictures, crawled through the half fallen barbed wire fence to get close enough to talk to us and had me write our names down on a clipboard. 

Exactly how it ought to be done and they're wonderful pics of all four of us. I especially like the one taken head on as the horses were walking toward him. It shows Feather and Best as the good working team they are. 

Thank you, Scott McMullen.


  1. Hope they really do get the facts straight this time! Glad he came over and actually talked to you.

  2. I just had Marcus read the first article! He couldn't believe they thought you were "Ira's" daughter! LOL!

  3. Oh Regina. I love those photos. How I envy you. I realize the first picture is more classic but your happy smile in the second is worth a million bucks!

  4. I was thinking about the first photographer and the screwed up article in the paper.