Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas 2009

I didn't get pics of Christmas this year. Just never got the camera out. But it was wonderful, we opened presents before chores. There were lots of presents, my electric chain saw, his book, our gifts to each other. All the cds from Amanda and a huge fuzzy Christmas shawl. Meg and Amanda got me two new cookbooks. Love books for Christmas.

Then went out together to feed the stock. Everybody got a few slices of stale bread to celebrate. Even the dog, who took her slice off to bury. Mercy knows where since the ground is froze.

After chores we had coffee and cardamom bread toast. Just wonderful to have such a slow day together.

At 2:00pm we went up to Ada's for a couple of hours for Christmas dinner. Which was fun, three out of four of her kids were there and the great grands too. Love my in laws.

More chores and a slow evening spent reading our new books. 

God is indeed good to us.