Thursday, December 17, 2009

Pendleton Round Up, Westward Ho!

Every year we go up to the Pendleton Roundup and participate in the Westward Ho Parade. Here's the teamsters and friends eating donated watermelons.
The morning of the parade, Immie says, let's go! I'm tired of standing here.
Of course, once we get there, we sit and wait.
And wait some more, two hours this year! My legs were so sore from just sitting on Immie.
The Native Americans really dress up for the parade.
Can you imagine? She plays the clarinet and rides! Part of the mounted band.
Isn't she beautiful?
This lady rode one mule and led another with a dummy laid cross ways.
This is the cutest pony and the buggy is always decorated all over!
After the parade, discussing whose horses were good and whose weren't. See that can of Coke? That was one of three Fay drank after the parade. He was moving fast afterward!!!

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