Friday, December 11, 2009

Parade Crazy, August 2009 Pt 1.

Not all the lack of blogging can be blamed on Beauty's need for training. As all of Fay's family and friends know, his hobby is being in parades with his horses. These pics are from August, the second weekend, the Threshing Bee at Dufur. The first series of pics are from the day we brought the horses home from a pasture out Chenowith. Fay had talked to the guys at The Dalles Disposal, they said it would be fine for him to bring his horses by and weigh them on the truck scale.

Feather weighed 1540lbs
Immie weighed 1140
Best weighed 1460

And because I was busy tying horses to the trailer I missed the best pic of all. They were weighing Fay on the truck scales to be able to subtract his weight from the horses'. The look on the people's faces in the truck waiting to get in and weigh was priceless.

You can also see why the horses weigh as much as they do: their welcome home snack was fresh corn stalks! Then all the hay they would eat.


  1. Oh, that's great. I left you a comment on my chocolate post. Have a great day!