Thursday, November 11, 2010

Big Family Dinner, an old school and house.

Fay talks so often about his grief at not getting more schooling. He passed into the eighth grade, but never went a day. He took over the farming, his father was sick and they needed him. He never had a chance to go back to school. But the school is still there, covered in brush and about to fall down.

This little house is the one Fay's father moved the family into when the bank foreclosed on the farm, him and all the children.

We had the best family dinner in Oregon, WI, all three surviving siblings in a row and all the nieces, nephews and relations.


  1. Now who is the other surviving sibling? I know Grandpa and Uncle Leonard. But is there a sister still alive?

    Oh, Regina, I'm so glad you took these pictures. they are precious! It is so amazing to see pictures of where Grandpa grew up and went to school. Fascinating, indeed!

  2. Wilma, Willie, the youngest sister is still alive. She's in a nursing home with congestive heart failure and COPD. That's why we went this fall, a respiratory bug could take her to eternity at any time.

    The pics of the school are going on a page with the old pics of the children standing in front of the school.

  3. OK, I remember Aunt Willie. I didn't know she was still alive. So glad you guys were able to see her before she goes. What a blessing!

    That is a great idea about the school pic.