Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Train to Wisconsin.

We'd been talking all summer about how Fay ought to go back to Wisconsin to see Willie, his youngest sister. Her health isn't good. So after the Pendleton Round Up, the discussion came up again and we decided to just take off and go via our usual travel method: truck and camper. Neither one of us was looking forward to the cost of bringing the Ford ready for a 3,000 mile trip, plus the gas bill for afters. But, not two days after we decided to go, Fay's nephew Brad called and suggested going by train. The last time Fay took the train was in the 1960s. I've never been on a trip by train. But, the price was right and I gathered up our motley luggage.

Ada took us to Wishram Train Station and there we sat all excited and ready to go.

Sitting there,  listening to the waiting freight train, the sheer impact on our bodies as much as our ears. 

There's a lot of flat country between Oregon and Wisconsin. 
The other really important point about traveling by train: the upper deck is wonderful to watch from if you don't get motion sick like I did. Rather amazing to be that dizzy. I'm a lower level girl. I was perfectly fine riding there.

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  1. I love the very first photo of the two of you together.