Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Wisconsin Hospitality Part 1

Brad picked us up at the train station in Columbus, WI. He and Angie took wonderful care of us from that moment on. I know nobody has ever fussed over me as much in my life. 
The first place we went on our road back to Dodgeville was a stop at Oregon Manor to see Willie. Look at the shock on her face and the joy on everyone's faces in just a moment. Willie had been told she'd have a visitor that afternoon, but not that her oldest surviving brother was coming.

Vickie, Willie's daughter was able to drop by after work while we were still there visiting. 

The next day we took off with Fay's baby brother, Leonard. He took us all over the country, including a surprise visit to Willie.

And a stop at Alisha's pet 
store, including a cuddle with Leonard's great grandson.



  1. 2 miles before you got to Columbus, you drove right past the house I grew up in. I lived literally right on those railroad tracks. :) - Rachel

  2. So happy that you guys got to go back. Marcus was thrilled for Grandpa to be able to see his sister and brother again!

  3. I am so glad you got to make this trip. What wonderful photos. Everyone looks so happy.