Saturday, November 6, 2010

A visit to Lavern and a farm that isn't there.

Lavern is Fay's sister in law, that's what he'd tell you. Just like I'd tell you Ann is my sister in law. Even though both of our first marriages ended in divorce. Family is still family.
Even over the thirty years since they'd had a chance to sit and visit, the room was thick with their affection for one another.

Her little Schnauzer/Schipperke dog made the rounds of all our laps adding to the love in the room.

It's not there any more, Fay's farm in the bluff area, the last farm they lived on before he pulled out his roots and moved to Oregon.


  1. Aunt Lavern looks wonderful. So wish I could see her. We always send her a Christmas card with pictures.

    The pictures of the farm are interesting, too.